Roof Cleaning

Roof Cleaning

Roof and uPVC Cleaning in Downpatrick | County Down


Maintaining a clean roof one of the most essential components of property maintenance. By ensuring your roof is treated once a year, you will help provide even greater protection for your home and extend the lifespan of the surface.


The professional technicians at Blythe Cleaning Services serve properties across Downpatrick with efficient roof cleaning packages. Prioritising safety, we start by manually removing any moss and debris from your roof to improve the overall look of your property. This is followed by clearing out gutters to help prevent water damage.


Before treating your roof with biocide, we disconnect guttering so that no chemicals end up in drains. The biocide application will kill off any remaining spores to keep the roof clean for up to five years. Biocides work by soaking into the porous parts of tiles and then are left to dry and are reactivated each time rain comes along so the cleaning process continues for up to 12 months.

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